November 3, 2023

The Radar revival: NXP’s Breakthrough In Automated Driving

The Renaissance: NXP’s Breakthrough In Automated Driving

Distributed aperture radar technology offers an innovative approach to enhancing radar system resolution. This is highlighted by NXP, demonstrating that it can be achieved without the need for numerous antenna channels. This technology cohesively integrates data from multiple radar sensors on a vehicle, effectively creating a larger and more capable antenna. With angular resolution below 0.5°, it provides performance akin to lidar for precise environmental mapping. This is a significant improvement over conventional radar sensors, which typically operate within a 2 to 4° range.

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The pioneering start-up responsible for this advancement is Zendar. Zendar’s distributed aperture radar technology excels in integrating data from distributed radar system modules and delivering lidar-like performance. This presents a groundbreaking development for next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).Integrating cutting-edge software into NXP’s SAF8x Integrated Circuits (ICs) is a pivotal step in advancing radar technology. These ICs are equipped with multiple RF channels, microcontroller cores, and specialized radar processing accelerators, collectively enhancing the system’s capabilities. Furthermore, NXP’s commitment to innovation extends to their S32R radar processors, where the same software will be implemented. This move underscores the software’s crucial role in the ongoing revolution of radar technology.

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By combining software excellence with hardware prowess, NXP is positioning itself at the forefront of the radar industry, promising more precise and efficient solutions for a wide array of applications.

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