November 12, 2023

Danielle Johansen: A Fashion Pioneer Redefining Tech In Australia With AI

From Fashion To Tech: Danielle Johansen’s AI Leadership In Australia

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Danielle Johansen, a trailblazer in tech and fashion, is spearheading female-led tech companies and pioneering Australia-first developments with Threadicated, her multi-million-dollar fashion styling platform.

Threadicated, founded four years ago, secured $800,000 in seed funding from a group of five angel investors, guided by Ms. Johansen. This signals confidence in an environment where few Australian female-founded startups received funding in 2022, marking a notable achievement.

Evolution towards AI Tools and Sizing Technology

Taking on the role of a dynamic business leader, Ms. Johansen emphasizes the importance of adaptability and a willingness to pivot. Leveraging the secured funding, she strategically propelled the platform forward with an ambitious tech roadmap.

“Embracing AI and machine learning capabilities demanded flexibility and a readiness for change,” stated Ms. Johansen. “But it also paved the way for continuous growth and success.

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Danielle Johansen. Image Credit: Threadicated

The company directed the investment toward developing a proprietary AI system. It sifts through thousands of styles, offering personalized recommendations to Threadicated’s stylists. The company developed its sizing tech, guaranteeing the discovery of flattering pieces tailored to each client’s unique shape.

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Threadicated integrates technology and expert styling for unmatched personalized fit and style, showcasing a harmonious blend of innovation and expertise. Ms. Johansen affirms this consistency.

What Lies Ahead for Australia’s Female-Led Fashion Tech Innovator?

With an eye on the future, Ms. Johansen is actively seeking the next round of investors through Series A capital. Encouragingly, the platform has garnered substantial interest from both venture capital investors and family offices.

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“We firmly believe in integrating more technology into our styling approach. This, coupled with an enhanced client experience, will fuel our sustained growth and innovation soon. We are genuinely enthusiastic about the trajectory of Threadicated and the transformative impact we can have on our clients,” she expressed.

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In conclusion, Threadicated’s journey is a testament to the fusion of innovation, technology, and commitment to personalized fashion experiences. This sets the stage for a promising future in the fashion tech landscape.


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