Alif's Edge Tech: Mastering AI With Power And Security

 Revolutionizing Edge ML with Ensemble ICs

Semiconductor innovator Alif has introduced a groundbreaking solution. Alif specifically crafts Ensemble ICs to execute AI algorithms in battery-powered devices. These chips leverage Arm cores, prioritizing security to protect stored intellectual property in a compact design for enhanced performance.

Filling the Performance Gap

Mark Rootz, Vice President of Marketing at Alif, points out a critical issue in the realm of Edge ML applications. The need for 50 to 250 Gop/s performance is essential, surpassing the capabilities of typical 32-bit MCUs. Alif’s Ensemble ICs strategically fill the performance gap, offering an optimal solution for battery-powered products on the edge. They eliminate the need for excessive power, size, cost, and complexity associated with GPU-based accelerators.

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Diverse Configurations for Varied Applications

Ensemble ICs offer four configurations with Arm Cortex-M55 MCU, Cortex-A32 MPU, and Ethos-U55 neural processing cores for diverse applications. The configurations range from the single-core E1 to the Linux-capable quad-core E7, catering to various applications, including wearables and more.

Impressive Performance Metrics

Alif asserts remarkable performance metrics for its Ensemble ICs. The M55 + U55 core combo excels in image classification, claiming to be 800 times faster than the previous-gen Cortex-M. Additionally, it is 78 times faster than an M55 core alone and 76 times more energy-efficient.

Security at the Core

Security is paramount for Alif. Ensemble ICs feature a secure enclave enforcing a strict security policy throughout the chip’s lifecycle. Robust measures, including readout prevention and configurable firewalls, ensure protection against IP theft, malware attacks, and unauthorized access.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Alif’s commitment to security is evident in the Ensemble ICs. They boast a root-of-trust for secure boot, unique ID, key generation, and more.. Configurable firewalls regulate CPU access, extending the capabilities of Arm TrustZone security partitioning.

Versatile Applications and End-of-life Security

The E1 series, designed for wearables, features dual-lane MIPI-DSI for displays, multiple microphone inputs, and various peripherals for enhanced functionality. Alif ensures security throughout the device’s lifecycle, from manufacturing’s provisioning state to deployment and end-of-life erasure of all secrets.

Comprehensive Developer Toolset

Alif supports developers with an application kit for assessing AI algorithm performance using live data from onboard cameras and sensors. This offers a robust toolset for optimal performance evaluation and power management.

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